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Below are some of the questions that we have been frequently asked when it comes to Glass Bank. If you have a question, check the questions below for an answer, however if your question is still not answered then please complete the form below with your question, and will be answer your question personally.


What is Glass Bank?

All glass processors, merchants and manufacturers face the problem of large glass offcuts and unused stock. A principle source of unused stock is that which is left over from large projects. This is where Glass Bank comes in to utilize this otherwise wasted stock. Providing a service and dashboard for the selling and buying of unutilized stock. The site allows clients to search a database from any region and find the perfect unutilized stock for their next project.

How can Glass Bank benefit me?

The main benefit of Glass Bank is that you are now able to convert your optimised waste into profit. This ultimately increases the amount of profit you take from a project, as well as an increased confidence for glass processors to take on projects with high waste or non-standard glass. As well as saving on your next project by an increased pricing competitiveness.

How is the Glass Bank populated with products?

The site is populated with stock lists from Verified sellers. They upload their stock to the website and what you see is what is being sold.

How can I find a specific type of glass?

The site offers a sophisticated search feature that allows you to filter through the large database of stock for sale. You can either search for a specific type of glass or filter for a specific size, weight, thickness, brand, manufacturer, and much more!

How much does it cost for me to create a buying account?

Nothing, and you can create your free buying account here

How much does it cost for me to create a selling account?

There is no cost. It’s free.

Are there any cost to uploading products?

No, its Free.

Does Glass Bank take any commission on the sale?

No, we are not taking any commission at this stage.

Does Glass Bank get involved in the transaction?

The transaction is made between the buyer and the seller directly, at no point will Glass Bank need to intervene.

How do I upload my glass stock list?

Uploading your glass stock can be done in two ways:
Option one is to upload your glass stock or offcuts manually on the seller section of the website using the simple upload guide.
Option two is download your glass stock from your software in excel or csv format, and simply upload to the website, and we’ll do the rest.

Website launching soon!


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